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Superior Software For Superior Results

Specialised software solutions for the construction & engineering industries - developed by contractors, for contractors. That’s been our mission at RIB CCS for over 35 years and we have built an international reputation for excellence in doing just that.

In 2007, a merger between RIB CCS and BuildSmart married the strengths of the Candy Estimating and Project Control software with those of the BuildSmart Cost and Enterprise Management software, to create a one-of-a-kind, market-leading integrated project lifecycle control solution… from first estimate to final account.

RIB CCS is a proud RIB company and together with the global pioneer in construction innovation, we strive to work together to bring new technologies to enhance productivity in the built environment, digitizing and transforming the industry as a whole.

wcu-experienced.png Experienced In Excellence

Working with RIB CCS means collaborating with experienced construction industry professionals. Bringing Users and solution developers together ensures our solutions are constantly evolving to meet User requirements and industry trends.

wcu-trusted.png Trusted By Users Worldwide

We have more than 40,000 Users in over 50 countries. Best practices found in leading companies are built into our solutions and trusted by our diverse customer base of large, medium and small construction and engineering enterprises.

wcu-support.png Unrivalled Specialist Support

Comprised almost exclusively of construction industry professionals, our support teams have first-hand experience of the challenges and requirements you face daily in the field, combined with uncompromising deep solution specific knowledge and understanding.
The result?
Expert advice and assistance when you need it most. We are never more than a phone call away.

wcu-global.png A Global Network Of Local Offices

We are on hand to provide servicing support, every step of the way.

Drop into a RIB CCS office, meet your local distributor or connect with us by telephone, by email or online, through our expansive support network.

wcu-development.png On-Going Development

We are continually enhancing and extending our systems to meet User requirements, complying with changing conditions in the construction & engineering industry and in line with the constantly transforming technological landscape.

Updates to our solutions are easily made available to all Users, ensuring you and your team benefit immediately from the very latest software, features and functions.

wcu-training.png Training For Success

We run a regular schedule of events and training programs covering a variety of topics to keep you and your team at the top of your game. Attend courses or workshops at one of our specialist training facilities, or in-house at your own business premises.

wcu-deployment.png Rapid Deployment

Due to the fit-for-purpose and best-of-breed nature of our solutions, we employ an industry differentiating, efficient and rapid implementation program, substantially reducing the time and cost of implementation. Best practice contracting business processes are embedded in our solutions requiring limited customisation hence lowering the risk and time of implementation.

Our solutions are intuitive to use, resulting in quick uptake from Users. Our experienced implementation teams employ rigorous, tried and tested implementation methodology to ensure the quality, speed and satisfaction of all implementations.

Our History



We’ve taken on a new identity



CCS proudly joins the RIB Group,
pioneers in construction software innovation



CCS celebrates 35 years, with over
40,000 Users



CCS expands with our first office
in Australia



By popular demand, Candy
QTO launched



15,000 CCS Users in over 50
countries globally!



Expanded our footprint to India



CCS and BuildSmart merge and create a
unique integrated cost management solution



5,000 Candy Users



CCS Middle East office opened in Dubai



New horizons with new offices in
New Zealand



BuildSmart expands reach into
neighbouring Southern African countries



BuildSmart founded by Peter Cheney
in Pretoria, South Africa



CCS's first international offices established
in Portugal and the U.K.



CCS established in Cape Town, South
Africa by Peter Reynolds



Candy developed


An effective built environment (and the associated infrastructure) is key for quality of life and prosperity. It increases productivity, aids social development and boosts growth. Put simply - without infrastructure, sustainable economic, and social development just isn't possible.

That's a big responsibility.

Everything that is not the natural environment is the built environment. It’s a vast field. It incorporates fixed assets across a range of sectors - from transport and logistics to power and energy, from telecommunications to health and education, from accommodation and facilities to natural resource extraction and beneficiation.

Asset owners rely on the various stakeholders - people like you - to develop, finance, design, engineer, construct, and operate the built environment.

That's no small task.

Our superior software solutions support you to effectively deliver the built environment through our core competency areas of design, development, implementation & training and support. RIB CCS solutions improve your ability to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Heighten management of risk
  • Drive better financial returns with lower volatility
  • Enhance cost and schedule performance and certainty


How will we do this?

Delivering solutions, not just products
Recognised as an employer of choice, we attract, develop, and retain the best talent the industry has to offer. We harness our global network and expert capabilities to create effective systems and solutions with technological superiority. RIB CCS don’t just deliver a product with specific features and functions, we deliver a solution that meets your needs.

Providing great value, not just great pricing
Whether you’re in the power, transport, building or natural resources industry, being successful comes down to more than just price. We add value to your work and your business by designing, developing, implementing and supporting software solutions. By creating sustainable value for you and our other stakeholders, we help you achieve your own business objectives in a competitive environment.


We demonstrate integrity by …
Being consistent in our actions and adhering to our core values. We conduct our business undertakings honestly, openly, directly, and ethically.

We demonstrate care by …
Striving for excellence in all we do, for the benefit of our clients, users, and business partners. We prioritise our employees, putting their wellbeing first and ensuring they have the necessary tools and training to carry out their roles effectively.

We demonstrate respect by …
Fostering a culture of self-belief and self-awareness. We appreciate the social environments in which we operate, acknowledge people’s differences and treat one another with trust and dignity.

We demonstrate accountability by…
Taking responsibility for our actions. Nobody but us is answerable for what we do.

We demonstrate commitment by …
Believing in what we do. We tackle tasks head on with hard work and dedication to make sure we can deliver on what we promised.



Our purpose is to enable you and your organisation to optimally deliver the built environment, in turn enriching the world we live in.

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We aim to be the leading provider of software solutions for the global construction and engineering industries, making us your first choice.

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Everything we do at RIB CCS is based on our values of:
Care, Respect, Commitment, Integrity and Accountability

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