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As one of the most successful software companies focused on the construction and engineering industry, we credit a significant part of our success to our partners and the exceptional working relationship we have with them. As a leading international solutions provider with positive growth opportunities and aspirations, we're always looking to expand our network. We look for partners who have a solid track record in software sales, distribution, implementation and support and who have relevant local market knowledge combined with construction and engineering industry expertise and networks.

Benefits Of Partnership

  • We've been in this business for over 35 years and as a result have successfully established a presence in nine (9) countries with more than 40,000 users in over 50 countries. We enjoy significant market share in the Middle East, North Africa, India, Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and the United Kingdom.
  • If you're already dealing in construction and engineering related software and/or services, our products are a complimentary addition to your current offering, presenting your existing clients with a wider variety of choice, expanding your potential client base and rapidly supplementing your existing revenue streams.
  • Our solutions are fit-for-purpose, designed and developed for and conform to the unique requirements and business processes of the construction and engineering industry, which means rapid deployment and comparatively little user support with no expensive, time-consuming bespoke customisation.
  • We are continually developing and enhancing our offering in-line with - and often ahead of - industry, technology and user trends and requirements.
  • Our solutions are exceptionally scalable and adaptable whether it be for small, medium or major, multi-disciplined global organisations.

Please don't just take our word for it though, see what our current partners say:

Partnering With Us

We create long standing, mutually beneficial partnerships that are commercially stimulating and successful. To do this we offer:

  • Hands-on, expert guidance covering all aspects of marketing, sales, implementation, training and support of the solutions and services we provide.
  • Regular conventions and forums for networking, idea sharing, solution development and strategy formulation.
  • Tiered partnering options tailored to the capacity and expertise of our partner.

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Existing Partners

Bm Systems
Mecs Solutions
Constructive It Solutions
Tnm Solutions