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Cost management and enterprise accounting

BuildSmart is a fully integrated, web-based, enterprise management system providing industry aligned information to construction & engineering companies across the globe. BuildSmart integrates Costing, Project accounting and Enterprise accounting for real-time analysis and effective management of construction & engineering businesses. BuildSmart includes various functionalities specific to a contracting business, for example IFRS 15 (IAS 11) profit recognition, management of sub-contractors as distinct from creditors, retention payment management and earned value management.

RIB CCS understands that value is leaked or lost across the entire project lifecycle, where labour costs and plant & equipment management represent the largest areas of potential risk. These risks are all managed through BuildSmart, where BuildSmart leverages the benefits of best practice and years of experience in the contracting industry, so that it allows any contracting organisation to immediately gain a competitive advantage.

Benefits at a glance

  • Fully integrated software solution eliminating departmental silos
  • Web based / Cloud solution allowing real time global access to a central system providing immediate accurate and powerful decision making information
  • Multi-location, multi-currency and multi-organisational enabled
  • Control of budget at both quantity and value level
  • Transparency and Data integrity
  • Excellent reporting and analytics


BuildSmart’s Procurement module provides strict control of Procurement processes, to manage the complete requisition – purchase order – delivery – invoice reconciliation – payment cycle.

BuildSmart Procurement is seamlessly integrated with Candy, working directly with Candy shopping resource list.

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Enterprise Accounting

BuildSmart is the only choice for construction accounting software, reporting ALL accrued and actual project cost, by ledger code and activity, to produce real-time cost management information as well as integrated enterprise accounts fully compliant with international accounting standards.
Software that integrates site-costing to business accounts.

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Subcontract Management

BuildSmart’s Subcontract Management module integrates with the powerful Subcontract Management in Candy, from adjudication through to award and post award package control, giving the ultimate control of all subcontractors, be they labour-only, domestic or nominated. 

Effective tracking of advance payments, retention and release dates and up-to-the-minute reporting are just a few of the benefits

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Plant & Equipment Management

BuildSmart’s Plant Asset Management module caters for both known methods of handling plant items, namely SMR (Service Meter Readings) and Hourly Readings.

Excellent asset lifecycle management with Job Cards issued to specific Plant Items in order that the cost specific to that Plant Item can be monitored.

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Inventory Management

BuildSmart’s Inventory Management module is very flexible and practical as it allows for the creation of as many site stores as is required per contract and in turn enables the issuing of stock in and out of site stores over multiple contracts and projects.

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A powerful, fully functional payroll system providing insight into all sections of manpower costing, covering the whole business - Contract (Direct & Indirect costings), Plant and Overheads.  Recording labour costs as soon as they are captured. BuildSmart Payroll provides the User with total flexibility and produces all statutory calculations and reports.

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Cost Reporting

BuildSmart makes it possible to accurately compare actual costs to anticipated project costs in real-time, allowing for timely management interventions and leading to improved margins and a competitive advantage.

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Integrated Partner Products


A comprehensive human resources administration and management solution designed specifically for the needs of large, medium and small contractors.


This solution has been developed with an understanding of the built environment, the site challenges, the need to identify employees and record essential information quickly with all sorts of site conditions.


A powerful report writing functionality and the freedom and flexibility to generate customised and automated Excel reports that can be formatted in exactly the way required and provide the data for graphic dashboard displays.

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