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Complete Solution

Managing the entire Construction & Engineering Process

RIB CCS's complete construction and engineering management software, where Candy and BuildSmart seamlessly integrate, provides an interactive link between our estimating & project control and our enterprise accounting and operational costing tools. It shares critical information in real time. And the results?

  • Improved cost and schedule performance and certainty
  • Increased productivity
  • Growth of financial returns with lower volatility
  • Proactive management of project risk

This helps you like no other system can, but how?

  • One source of the truth enabling you to manage the complete construction process & lifecycle
  • Candy Estimating integrates with BuildSmart Procurement for precise quantity and rate information to achieve accurate purchasing - the first step in effective cost control.
  • The integrated solution organises cost information simultaneously by task/activity and by cost type. This allows one-to-one comparison of cost information across estimating, project management and accounting - even if it is organised in different ways.
  • As a web-based construction management software, BuildSmart lets your team enter information where it is produced. This allows for real-time comparison of actual to allowable costs, giving you time to take swift, effective corrective action.
  • BuildSmart captures actual costs relative to the estimated figures, improving the accuracy of future estimates and securing more profitable work.

*Payroll only available in specific regions.

This delivers a complete software solution for the construction & engineering industry, which helps your organisation:

  • Access accurate and appropriate information in real time to enable proactive management of complex projects
  • Generate rapid tender responses with powerful management of mark-ups and error control
  • Export planning information into popular formats
  • Adjudicate supplier and subcontractor submissions
  • Manage payrolls and payment of creditors
  • Produce standard business accounts
  • Produce powerful business intelligence reports and analytics
  • Implement simple, user aligned processes and practices
  • Enable efficient system implementation and support.

Our uniquely powerful software provides the leading construction management solution with superior information. Use this to boost your bottom line and gain a strong competitive advantage.

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