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Training Payroll Administrator (BPY01)

Payroll Administrator

Course Outline

Gain an in-depth understanding of the Payroll Administrator tasks. This course will build on your existing knowledge of procedures and leave you comfortable with advanced features.

Recommended For

Payroll Administrators and Clerks


½ day


  • A payroll staff member with a working knowledge of payroll and data capturing experience
  • Computer literacy and keyboard proficiency is assumed


  • Create new payroll
  • Create new ED set
  • Assigning Users
  • Creating a new Earning or Deduction
  • Creating and understanding formulas
  • Payroll Imports and Exports
  • Employee Data changes
  • Early pay - pay or filter out employees outside of the normal pay dates and still have the cost as part of the current pay period
  • Employee Savings
  • Retirement Fund Setup
  • Understanding Costing
  • Tax Calculations
  • Directive Payments
  • Provision-to-Pay-out Link
  • ED Templates
  • Bulk transfer,  copy/transfer Employee(s) and terminations